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Vancouver Island Length :454 Km (282 miles)
Width : 100 Km (62 miles)
Area : 32,134 sq. Km (12,408 sq. miles)
Distances by Road : Victoria (266 Km), Vancouver (173 Km - approx 5 hrs. including ferry), Nanaimo (155 Km)

For further information on Campbell River please visit Campbell River Tourism

For Information about the businesses that operate in the city and surrounding areas including Quadra Island please visit Campbell River Businesses Directory

Vancouver Island Vacations has information on accommodations, outdoor activities and  means of transport to and on the island.

Campbell River is situated on the East Coast of Vancouver Island and with a rising population of over 36,000.

In 2013 major construction work commenced on a new hospital for the city and the Wei Wai Kum First Nation welcomed the project that will be built in their traditional territory.

Recently the  billion dollar BC Hydro Project has commenced and many local businesses are expanding their base of operations.

A new hotel and seniors accommodation is also under construction in the city.

 In the last few years there have been many new housing developments built and this has created more employment and a great spin off for the community.

The major industries are:

Tourism and Hospitality
Power Production and Alternative Energy
Construction and Project Development
Arts, Entertainment and Technology

Other types of industries include aerospace and aviation, manufacturing, media and many retail outlets.